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Legal Wins Law Firm - Madrid Spain is an international Law firm with a global outlook that grows in order to cater for the requirements of a growing and ever more demanding clientele.

Established in 1953, Legal Wins Law Firm operates from Spain where it is building up a name as a first class international Law firm. During its 59 years, the firm has achieved a well-established reputation for their professionalism and knowledge of the industry and its practices and has secured a prominent position in Europe and USA.

From the outset, Legal Wins Law Firm reputation has chiefly been that of a Law firm focused in rendering legal services to companies, business entities and individual entrepreneurs, including advice, negotiation, drafting of business documentation and litigation in all aspects of representation/ advocators, Inheritance funds claim, Wills, probate, and business advices – in a word, the services usually demanded by the business community.

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Financial Services

Legal Wins Law Firm has an established and internationally recognised finance practice. Our clients include leading financial institutions, corporations, regulators and governments, to whom we provide legally sound and innovative advice.

We have offices and associated office in nine countries, and non-exclusive associations and relationships with major Law firms in every leading jurisdiction. Our finance Law yers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia advise on domestic and complex multi-jurisdictional finance transactions, on a cost effective and efficient basis.

We work closely with our regulatory Law yers and tax specialists to structure complex transactions both in internationally. We have extensive experience of advising on finance transactions in industries such as transport, hotels and leisure, retail, manufacturing and telecoms. Historically, and on an ongoing basis, we have acted for all the major English clearing banks and place great value on establishing long term relationships with our clients.

Our banking practice involves clients involved in:

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Services Overview

With a wide diversity of skills and experience, Legal Wins Law Firm provides a complete legal service of exceptional quality, aiming to take the stress and strain out of any legal situation and lead you to the right solution. Our specialist team offer a wide range of services that covers the following areas.

Specialists in: Investment & Loans. Cooperatives. Business broking and Financial Consultant. Sole Representative. Inheritance. Family right. Separations. Divorces. Tutelas Commercial Law . Criminal Law . Traffic. accidents. Contest of creditors. Etc...

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